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Solar X-rays
Geomagnetic Field

NOAA Weather Radio Frequencies

Posted 01 Nov 2003
Updated 23 Jul 2005

NOAA Weather Radio Frequencies
Freq Channel Note
162.400 WX2 Neese
162.425 WX4 Toccoa
162.450 WX5 Clayton
162.475 WX3  
162.500 WX6 Brasstown Bald
162.525 WX7 Cleveland
162.550 WX1  

Georgia National Weather Service Stations
Location Call Freq Pw Office Note
Americus WXJ30 162.425 1000 Atlanta, GA  
Ashburn KWN50 162.450 300 Tallahassee, FL  
*Athens WXK56 162.400 500 Atlanta, GA Neese
Atlanta KEC80 162.550 500 Atlanta, GA Stone
Augusta WXK54 162.550 1000 Columbia, SC Wrens
Baxley WXM65 162.525 300 Jacksonville, FL Georgia
Blakley KZZ70 162.525 1000 Tallahassee, FL  
Blue Ridge KXI75 162.475 300 Atlanta, GA  
Brasstown Bald KXI22 162.500 100 Atlanta, GA  
Brunswick WWH39 162.425 300 Jacksonville, FL  
Buchanan WWH23 162.425 1000 Atlanta, GA  
Chatsworth WXK52 162.400 200 Atlanta, GA Cohutta
*Clayton KXI81 162.450 300 Greenville, SC  
Cleveland WXJ53 162.525 300 Atlanta, GA  
Eastman KXI77 162.400 1000 Atlanta, GA  
Eatonton KXI89 162.525 1000 Atlanta, GA  
Jesup WXJ28 162.450 300 Jacksonville, FL  
La Grange KXI76 162.450 300 Atlanta, GA  
*Macon WXK71 162.475 1000 Atlanta, GA  
Metter WWH25 162.425 1000 Charleston, SC  
Pelham WXK53 162.550 1000 Tallahassee, FL  
Sandersville KXI28 162.450 1000 Atlanta, GA  
Savannah KEC85 162.400 1000 Charleston, SC  
Summerville WXJ72 162.450 300 Atlanta, GA  
Thomaston WXJ31 162.500 1000 Atlanta, GA  
*Toccoa WWH24 162.425 250 Greenville, SC Currahee Mt
Valdosta WWH31 162.500 1000 Tallahassee, FL  
Waycross WXK75 162.475 500 Jacksonville, FL Hasty
Waynesboro WXM88 162.425 375 Columbia, SC Plant Vogtle
    * = Heard from Athens Area

South Carolina National Weather Service Stations
Location Call Freq Pw Office Note
Aiken WNG627 162.450 300 Columbia, SC  
Barnwell KHC29 162.500 1000 Columbia, SC  
Beaufort WXJ23 162.450 500 Charleston, SC  
Charleston KHB29 162.550 1000 Charleston, SC  
Cheraw WXK90 162.450 300 Columbia, SC  
Columbia WXJ20 162.400 1000 Columbia, SC  
Myrtle Beach
KEC95 162.400 1000 Wilmington, NC  
Cross WXM93 162.475 300 Charleston, SC  
Florence WXJ22 162.550 1000 Wilmington NC  
Georgetown WNG628 162.500 300 Wilmington, NC  
Greenville WXJ21 162.550 1000 Greenville, SC  
Kirksey KHC28 162.425 1000 Columbia, SC  
Orangeburg KHA35 162.525 300 Columbia, SC  
Rock Hill KHC27 162.425 1000 Greenville, SC  
Sumter WWG77 162.425 100 Columbia, SC  

North Carolina National Weather Service Stations
Location Call Freq Pw Office Note
Asheville WXL56 162.400 250 Greenville, SC Mt Mitchell
Buck Mountain WWF60 162.500 1000 Raleigh/Durham, NC  
Cape Hatteras KIG77 162.475 1000 Muurehead City, NC  
Chapel Hill WXL58 162.550 1000 Raleigh/Durham, NC  
Charlotte WXL70 162.475 200 Greenville, SC  
Ellerbe WNG597 162.400 300 Raleigh/Durham, NC  
Fayetteville WXL50 162.475 250 Raleigh/Durham, NC  
Garner WNG706 162.450 110 Raleigh/Durham, NC  
Henderson WNG586 162.500 300 Raleigh/Durham, NC  
Linville WNG538 162.425 300 Greenville, SC  
Lumber Bridge WWF89 162.525 100 Wilmington, NC  
Mamie WWH26 162.425 300 Muurehead City, NC  
Margaretsville WWG33 162.450 100 Wakefield, VA  
Mount Jefferson WNG588 162.525 300 Roanoke, VA  
New Bern KEC84 162.400 1000 Muurehead City, NC  
Robbinsville WWG82 162.525 300 Greenville, SC  
Rocky Mount WXL59 162.475 1000 Raleigh/Durham, NC  
Warsaw KXI95 162.425 300 Muurehead City, NC  
Wilmington KHB31 162.550 1000 Wilmington, NC  
Windsor WNG537 162.525 300 Wakefield, VA  
Winston-Salem WXL42 162.400 100 Raleigh/Durham, NC  

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